Quick start with a bookmarklet

Beginner's guide
  1. Go to web2doc.net, enter your Web2Doc key and click okay
  2. Scroll to bookmarklets, select an endpoint from the drop-down menu and click create bookmarklet
  3. Drag the bookmarklet to the bookmark bar.
  4. Whenever you visit a web page that interests you, click the bookmarklet to save the page as an article without menus, ads, pop-ups and the usual clutter.
    • Bookmark the web feed URL to browse, search and delete saved pages with your browser.
    • If you are familiar with RSS, copy the URL of the RSS feed and subscribe with your RSS reader.
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Other methods to launch Web2Doc

On desktop & mobile: extensions, mobile apps

Using a Web2Doc browser extension is similar to using a bookmarklet - launch Web2Doc by clicking the extension icon. Send links to Web2Doc from the context (right-click) menu too. You need to select an endpoint from the drop-down menu and save your Web2Doc key in the extension settings.

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Web2Doc browser extensions: Chrome | Firefox
These extensions work with mobile browsers on Android - Firefox Beta & Nightly, Mull, Kiwi Browser.

IOS & Android
Go to web2doc.net, enter your Web2Doc key and hit OKAY. Scroll to the instructions how to launch Web2Doc with the built-in IOS app Shortcuts and with the Android app HTTP Shortcuts by using the main share menu.

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Web2Doc key for one year
Click PURCHASE and you'll be redirected to our FastSpring payment page. A non-demo Web2Doc key costs $2/mo billed annually: $24 + VAT-GST-SaleTax if applicable. After a successful payment, our payment processor - FastSpring.com, will provide you with a Web2Doc key which will be functional for one year. This is one-time payment and not a subscription. You will not be charged automatically at the end of the period.

You do not have to register and login. We do not need to know your email address as we will never send you any emails without you emailing us first. Feel free to enter a temporary email address. Using the same email address (temporary or not) when you renew, will let you keep your previous web feed and RSS feed URLs.

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Privacy & Cookies

Privacy related information
This website does not use trackers, analytics, advertisement; does not collect and does not share any sort of personal information. Navigational information is stored in logs but not processed or shared in any way. Logs are deleted every day at 3am UTC. We set a single session cookie when you enter your Web2Doc key at the front page. The session and its cookie expire when you close your browser.
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When and why web2doc fails

Bookmarklets don't work on some websites
Some websites utilize a special HTTP header that prevents external JavaScript code from running on their pages, including bookmarklets. Browser extensions are not affected.

Web2Doc has not saved the requested page
Most likely, Web2Doc has stumbled upon a captcha or another method to detect and prevent bots from accessing a website. There is nothing you can do.

Web2Doc has saved the requested page, but only a title without content
Some websites visualize the content with JavaScript after the main page is loaded. Web2Doc cannot process an empty page more than that.

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Contact us

How to contact us
Web2Doc is a service of justblab.com. Submit bug reports, request features or ask anything using our contact form at justblab.com/message. We always reply within a few hours.
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